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Hi Mom

Hello, my name is comatoast!

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I have decided to open up my own webpage. Partially because I want an excuse to mess around with HTTP and secondly because I have decided I wanted to get rid of all the non free closed source software in my life. So, rather than giving google all of my information I have decided to delete all of my "social" media and simply host my own webpage. In addition to this page, I, also, host a series of other webplatforms, including a Gemini server, a Pleroma node and I also manage three Imageboards Links to all of these pages can be located in the links section. I am an amateur dev, learning a lot, but I abslutely love computers. I am, infact a leftist, but, that being said I also try to advocate a balanced life. Just to add one more thing, I want to keep this site as simple as possible. Probably harkining back to the 90's, or, early 2000's. Pure HTML and CSS. No javascript and very little bloat if possible.


Bitcoin: bc1q7y85m0q399yaj99299jh4a9uvkaltpvqgekwqv
Monero: 471r4W71HcxN7fnor7rmvzi1UXLKiqGFbUe74mGwQ2r4AwoWhigovUjZw8pbRdfF9saWp48vqW5hRBhErkjj18TVSa1oCh9
Wownero: Wo5FvEtakvKTdkccnqj2e5gSX5vwkpJjjDGQ5dN96T4V5BddVP2vrDMTXU6uQXYhe6GJshgSkomNg2U5TT6QxoFK11tjzrQZZ

If you have any questions, or, you would like to inform me of a typo please email me at comatoast@leftychan.net