Ukraine Nuclear energy, Trump raid, and other bullshit

Been a while since I made a post on my blog so I figure fuck it. Might as well get back into it. Been dealing with some seriously fucked up sht, but, I'm over it now. Incase you are unaware there's a lot of shit going on in the news. Out side of increaibly cringe rap floating around about defending trump and hating drag queen story time the first thing I want to talk about is the recent and on going fighting going on in ukraine over the currently Russian occupied Nuclear power plantlocated in the country. As usual it turns out in the long run I am ending up coming out on the correct position here.

If anyone is unaware about 3 months ago Russia gained control of the largest nuclear power plant in europe. This has caused some alarm bells to go off in the world atomic forum, rightfully so. Having another chernoble on our hands doesn't sound fun. Guess it turns out humanity has yet to pull its head out of its own ass since that point. This whole conflict, again, is the result of powerful leaders having competing interests. I have already written a blog about this, but, in short Russsia wants a buffer zone around the country in the form on Ukraine and other bordering ex eastern block countries while obviously the united states wants ukraine inoculated into NATO. This of course is to destablize Russia and Russia wants ukraine, mostly, for its vast accumulation of resources.

Of course all of this could have been avoided if the concept of nationalism has not so fervently infected the minds of every day people from the US to the Poland, to Ukraine and Russia themselves. Being anti-war seems to be a memory of the past in the modern era. All over tghe internet you are expected to pick a side (namely the US and NATO) but no where to be found is the call of being against war. The echo eugene debs, war is good for killing the working class and making the ownership/capitalist class very rich. All a war does is serve the interest of two conflictinng rulers and the working class go to die in the battles in their armies. It's truly pathetic and sad and now we risk a full neuclear melt down in the reigion the likes of which hasn't been seen since chernoble. All because of a petty conflict that is, at the end of the day, over political power and resources. I'm going to put money down that Europe will become totally inhospitable in the 40 years, kek. We really need to revive the anti-war movment in this country. It was cery popular many years ago but now those people have all died or moved on and the zoomers have no idea that is even a possibility in the false dichotomy they grew up under.

Oh, trump also got raided by the FBI which I think is personally hilarious. This is another story about nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands. Apperently Trump got his fat little fingers on the extremely classified documents. According to the media the documents are so highly classified they aren't even supposed to be publicly known to exist and are to be kept in their own undocumented section at the US treasury. Of course a dumb ass like Trump would get ahold of this, lol. That's clown world for you. At any rate, the FBisent trump a number of requests to return the documents but he never responded, so, eventually, this lead to an FBI raid on his home in florida where the documents were being kept. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I don't know the true validity of this, but, what I have seen on the news media is that the documents were not only highly classified, but, they contained top if line top secret nuclear secerets that this retard got his hands on and was risking leaking to, well, who knows what or who.

Personally, I don't think this was an accident. I think trump is using this to garner attention and craft a narrative to his hog men base that the government is trying to shut him up. I think he planned this from the start and used these documents as a bit of a wild card in the sitation. The FBI was very clear to try an do the no knock raid as quitely as possibly, but, of course the hogs got word of what was going on and are falling right into trumps ploy.

Fox news is loosing its minds. They really cannot believe that Trump is not above the law of the united states and it makes me kek, but, these rejects are all bemoaning about war when half of them could barely get off the couch in the first place. There was a loan wolf attack on the FBI feild office in Cincinnati that resulted in a high speed chase and a shoot out with local authorities. The dude was a confirmed trump supporter who regularly posted on trumps circle jerk outlet gab. I personally have to give credit, kind of based cause fuck glowies, but, of course terrorism is not going to solve anything other than getting working people killed who could be useful if they just came together as workers, but, I guess that might be wishful thinking.

I expect more of these attacks to pick up in the future. The FBI is on the right wings shit list now, kek. At least I know for a fact the next 6 years are about to be quite entertaining!