Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Cult members fawn. April 25th 2022

So, Elon Musk bought the big blue bird. Apperently, this is news, so I believe I will give my short opinion on the matter. Frankly, to me, this is about the equivalent of trading one boss for another when decentralized unionized work places exist as concept, but, I digress...My point is that for all the people freaking out over this, or, even acting like anything is going to funementally change what so ever: Get your head out of your ass. Elon doesn't give a single fuck about you, or, anyone but himself and his coppermine fortune. People are either acting like Elon is going to swoop in and become this great arbiter of justice and totally fix the platform as a whole, or, people are still hopeful that he will do, well, anything at all.

I am here to crush those beliefs. I mean, take a quick look at the way Elon musk has treated his own employees in the past for speaking out against the, Elon muskrat has regularly fired employees for speaking out against aborhent working conditions, or, publicly speaking about unionization of his work place and with out hesitation or care. [1] The fact this man can convince anyone of anything relating at all to the concept of free speech just goes to show you not many people are actually paying attention to the things going on.

The biggest flaws with this, though, are not musk, or, well, twitter itself. The biggest issue isn't even propritary software, though, yes this is a major issue. The biggest issue is the fact that Elon Musk is only using this as another scheme in his bags to infalte his networth and artifically drive up the value of his shares and companies (and the money his shareholders are raking in) This mans whole grift is coming up with these big spectacular ideas, getting an IPO on the stock market and then pulling the rug out the second anything goes south and walking away clean with a fresh bag.

He is the king of all grifters. The system of capitalism has driven all productive labor into the ground through technological advancment and through the exploitation of cheap despresate third world workers. Elon is just the next man to take hold of the torch. Not only that, but, yes, this will not fundementally change anything because nothing has fundementally changed. You have done nothing more than change one ruler for another and done nothing to actually alter the fundemental issues inherent with in these systems in particular, namely, in this case, the fact that twitter is propritary software. There are plenty of open source alternatives to twitter that people should be using: Pleroma, Mastodon, GNU Social and until people realize this they are just going to be grinding their wheels in the mud. Twitter needs to be shut down, or, the source code needs to be released and made open source.

I have heard people mention that Elon has supposedly said he will make the source code Open, but, I have high doubts about this and I feel nearly 100% confident in saying anyone who tells you this is a fool and is probably blowing smoke up your ass. I remain unimpressed. Fuck Elon Musk, Dismantle Capitalism, Build Socialism and Build Free and Open Source software


[1] https://www.cnbc.com/2022/04/25/elon-musk-and-free-speech-track-record-not-encouraging.html