July 4th and my opinion on Americanism.
July, 04, 2021

Well, today is the shittiest day of the year for many people all around the world. Outside of the united states most people see today as a means for mourning and reflecting on the atrocities of the American empire through out the last 300 years of its existence. And, rightfully so. People have plenty of reason to hate the American empire. From the contras, to chili, to east temor. There are countless, atrocities && reasons why we should dispise and loathe the American empire and I agree with them. Even so a, not so, insignifigant ammout of Americans feel the need to defend their, so called, "home land" in a trivial attempt to feel connected to a false sense of identity that has been carefully crafted and planted in the minds of Americans at an early age (nominaly boomers and those with out the modern internet) by none other than the capitalist class themselves.. But, for many Americans, or, burgers, as we are colliqually known around the rest of the world, we desire something better for this nightmarish country than a mad max style break down of social order like many of my very contemporaries wish upon us. Let me explain. To look out at the American landscape today is like looking at a 3rd world country in many places. I have traveled around many parts of this country only to find the so called "prosperity" that has been promised to us by our fathers and their fathers to be either lacking, or, totally non existent. Some of you may be to young to remeber hurricane Katrina, but, I remeber it and to this very day there are still people living in the abstestos riddled fema trailers that were supposed to be temporary relief that have since been toss aside and sold by third party vendors for a profit. The conditions of many americans is abysmal today. Even I myself occupy a space barely larger than a a walk in closeet. the fact is, Unless you live in the heart of capital in places like silicon valley, or New York City on wallstreet, then the chances are in this country you work a min wage service industry job where you are belittled by Aristocratic laborers who are, let's be honest, privleged enough to be able to make enough money to enjoy this wretched existence; even those in the inner cities suffer the same fate. The simple fact of the matter is: Either you own capital and are well off, or, you likely work and are barely making it. Exactly as the system is desinged to be. Even so, in the face of this, many Americans in the 53% of people who work low paying, hard labor, service industry jobs mentioned above still feel a sense of connection to their, so called, country. They still are willing to clamor, hand over foot, to feel a sense of communiy with this country. There are many reasons for this: The CIA and cointel pro erasing communist and leftist movments historically. Infiltrating them, subverting and defanging them and making them useless. The destruction of the labor movment by the capitalist class using the same methodology of the state. The indoctrination of the youth and the masses into the capitalist narrative. The individual narrative that says "you too can be a millionair if you just work for these other millionairs a little harder." Indoctrination by the forces of people like Citizens United, the Trilateral Commission, and the liberal democratic order as a whole; There are many reasons, but, they are not the focus of the point I am here to drive home today in this blog.

To me, as cringe as this may sound, as cliche and eye rolling as this may be; I am a man of science. Not just the science of testing and observation, but, the science of history. The science of the material world and the pressures that exist externally of people to drive them to the state of being that they find themselves in today. I am a man of science and of scientific socialism. To me, to be a scientific socialist, as it says on section one of the principles of communism; Scientific Socialism (Communism) is the methodology of the liberation of the prolotariate. As such, in all of our actions we must ask ourselves: "Is this action furthering the advancment of socialism as a material goal for and of and by the working class?

The truth is that anger and outrage against the established order is, with out a doubt, justified. You and I have every single reason to be upset at the established order. As do the very people who fly their American flags on the 4th of july. But we have to think of ourselves as agents for our cause. Wether we like it or not we are representatives of the ideas we hold about our political and economic systems. When we act out in a, not so, unreasonable fashion in the US by displaying imagery that burgers may find offensive (yes offensive), distain for other workers, flag burning, and other infantile displays of agresson, then we must truly ask ourselves: What is more likely to bring the rungs of the working class into our fold in the United States? When you start acting like a radlib that is what turns people off. When you start acting like you are creating nothing but a spectacle and refusing to connect with people on some fundemental level they understand, wether you like it or not, you are behaving like an ultra-leftist. Meaning, you do not wish, or, truly, care for socialism as a historic and material goal to obtain not just for you, but, for all workers. You are more concerned with how you feel and how you emote outwardly to those around you. You care about posturing and looking cool and *feeling revolutionary.* It's all an act. These are the very same people who would later move on the vote republican in the 1960s who once were members of the communist party of the united states. Spineless liberals. Such actions are no better than dying your hair purple and proclaiming that "You're a white male so you shouldn't have anything to say to me and me neither you." It's nonsense, plain and simple. That isn't to say that we should be attempting to reach across the isle to reactionaries. Many milktose liberals would still have the same equal level of patriotism on this day, though, I do find the possibility of converting reactionaries to the left a fruitful and worthwhile endeavor...But, I digress.

We must reach out to other workers no matter the odds and no matter who they are to unite the working class under one socialist republic. It is the only way of achiving such ends! I want to be clear, this is not a defense of the United States. I care little for the US as a country and I care little for the piece of cloth that so many are equally clammoring over this forth of July. I do however care about the establishment of a socialist government here in my own country and, like wise, I care about my own self preservation as I am a US Citizen and so are many of my family and friends. engauging in the above behavor is nothing short of isolationism for the lefty which means death for the human species as a whole. We must play our cards right in these times. Not only is time running out time is already up. We do not have the time to fuck around and roleplay anymore. Every year is hotter and every winter colder than the year before and the influx of people migrating for lowlying coastal regions all across the world is already happening and you think you are going to convince people indocronated into the American mythos by desecrating their percived imagery?

For better or worse, the United States is the most powerful capitalist entity on the planet. Hands down. The united states has a GDP that utterly dwarfs all other economies, some many times over. With an annual GDP clocking in at well over 10billion - 20billion. Yes, the United States truly is the lich pin here, but, what the majority of, so called, third worldists do not seem to grasp is that capital is not inherently tethered to the United States as an entity. Ratheon and other massive corperate conglomerates are capable of self sustaining well after the dissolution of the United States government and have no reason to cease opperations in any forgien country what so ever. Infact, as long as the economy is still powered by fossil fuels and natural gas you can, deff, expect private armies like Black rock to spring up and take up arms against smaller, weaker, countries in the name of their profits. It's naive to think other wise. the collapse of the united states would simply give these corperations MORE power to do whatever the fuck they want not less. Nothing is exempt from the influence of capital. Nothing, not any state or any people, none, but, us, us socialists. We who see the world beyond the myopic profits of a few exploiters of labor and that is what we MUST do and be and act as in order to, truly, over throw the United States Empire.

The only real path forward that does not lead to the total annihilation of all life on this planet is a path which establishes firmly and for all time, a Socialist United States government. This is why your infantile displays are going to do nothing but turn people off and away from socialism. No one, who has been indocronated with hundreds of years of jingoist propganda, is going to listen and no one is going to give a shit and the world is going to keep on spinning with or with out us. This isn't to say you should invert and become a god fearing bible thumping flag waving American, but, what you should do is not act like a fucking weirdo. Grow up. If you are N33T get a job get out and talk to other working people. Level with them in a way they understand. Stop trying to shove your politics down their throat. At least not with out an accurate disription of why you think they are just in the first place. if you cannot explain why you have issues with the American government and why you have issue with Capitalism in the first place then you shouldn't be raising any kind of objection to anything in the first place.

If possible, join a union, spread the message of socialism as far as you can to as many people as you possibly can. Get people organized start getting the ball rolling now. "A revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love" To hate fellow workers is the mind and action of liberals to understand why people are the way they are and trying to change them and reach out to them inspite of this. That is what it means to be revolutionary. Dare I say, to be a communist.

We must be laying the ground work for all future endevors or socialism where ever possible not alienating people more. to do so is the realm of liberalism and reaction. A multi-polar world where socialist powers and people interact to support one another is not only possible it is the only path foward. al other paths lead to destruction and ruin at the hands of the all mighty profit motive. We must connect to other workers not drive ourselves further apart from them validating the cycle of alienation that capitalism creates for us in the first place. It's socialism, or, Bararism and when I look out today I see an outlook that is not so good.