Happy Birthday i'm not special

Welp, I haven't done an official g-log in a while so I guess I will just carrty this over to here; Today is my birthday! Another year older and another year wiser, so they say, Unfortinantly, looking at the current state of the world I am beggining to think that isn't being universally applied, lol. I'm officially old as fuck && truthfully, I don't know how to feel about it. I guess this is how I will go down. With a wimper, but, hey it's not all bad. I ended up loosing my apartment but my little brother is going to let me take over his place and his dad is going to be my landlord until I pay it off (I'm adopted and it's a camper.) So, it's not all bad. I have been having a shit load of trouble at work but I finally think I am getting thing hang of things at my new job, btw, I got a new job at a bullet factory. I sling pounds and pounds of lead all day to make ammunition. It is a hard job, you have to keep in perfect syncronization with a team of 7 - 8 people and if you fuck up it slows everything down to a halt. It's demanding as hell. It's also filled with a bunch of bitter assholes who hate thier lives. They have made extra sure to make me hate mine as well, but, the joke is on them because I am actually starting to get the hang of things. There's some people there who are nice who have been helping me figure it all out. There's also a clique of people who have basically been harrasing me, but, fuck em. Anways, so with the new job and the new place things are looking up and with me starting to get the line down it wasn't really all that bad of a birthday. I wasn't really expecting much but when I got home my sister got me a shit ton of presents! I was super excited and stoked, it ment a lot and I really wasn't expecting it. I got some dice for dnd and fucking CATAN which I am super excited to play this weekend, which, I will keep updates on.

so yeah, that was pretty much my birthday, pretty normal, except I fuckint almost burnt down the house. Ironically, because I was reading the user manual for catan, lmao. I was making some soup for dinner and I fucking forgot that I left it on high on the damn burner lmao. My sisters boyfriend whent outside to play with his kid and came back and the fucking house was filled with smoke. It was fucking crazy and I'm glad no one got hurt cause I totally forgot, though, I deff get bonus points for an almost sitcom style mishap. So yeah, I will jot this birthday down as a success.

In other news I actually set up and established my first HTTP server @ pleroma.leftychan.net. Other than it being quite based I am super fucking proud of myself and you can locate it on my gemini page (which you are currently on! :D) Anywho, I need to eat some more kratom and pass out. That's all for now. Peace~