Welp, I found a new place. Turns out campers are cheap and reddily avalible. I mean, as cheap as a roof over your head can be anyways. I couldn't possibly afford one on my own, but, that's what friends are for. My friends dad lent me their camper to stay in and make payments on. 500 a month for 6 months and then it's mine.

It's in a shitty part of town, but, ohwell, it's not like I haven't grown up on section 8 and trailer parks my whole life. This will hold me over until I can hopefully get a house with my new job. Shit, hopefully I can keep it. I have sort of been struggling at work. The dude who trained me went to another line and the guy who replaced him is kind of a jerk off. He's very hard on me..

Anyways, I digress. I have a place to live which is neat. So far I haven't been able to get internet (Another insurmountable pain in the ass) and, frankly, I am thinking about not getting internet.