The abolition of Roe v Wade
May, 7th, 2022

Secret docutments have been leaked about the, coming, supreme court desicion to abolish Roe V Wade. Roe V Wade was a supreme court decision that basically said women have the right to seek out a safe aborition given that the fetus is not beyond viability. So, 20 - 22 weeks, or so. Alot has already been said about this, but, what I don't think has been said enough about this isn't just the political right wings infatuation with Roe V Wade and their anti-science denialism in order to justify their smooth brained opinions, but, further more the influence that the fundementalist religious rightwing has gained over our political establishment in the current years. As has been pointed out the majority of people support a womans right to have legitimate and safe access to an abortion [1] The religious fundementalists in the United States understand this and that is why they have gone outside of "democratic" measures to implement a decision that most people in the country do not actually agree with. The religious right wing know they are un popular and that is why this is their only stratagy and has been their only stratagey for the last 100 years. The thing that people don't realize about Roe V Wade is we have seen this all before. We have see this after the 2020 election where Trump and his idiotic drones tried to justify his Loss by claiming the election was rigged against him, though, there is no actual evidence this is the case. We see it in voter supression such as ID laws and banning mail in votes. We see it when Republicans and right wingers bypass (our out right ignore laws) that allow them to intemidate (mostly minorities) people who are in line to vote democrat. The right wing knows they are unpopular and so they use anti-democratic measures to enforce their victories. Gerrymandering is a great utility that they have clung since the inception of the country. Not only is this fundementally the fault of the right wing and religious zetlots that control the republican political discourse with their backwards beliefs and ideologies, but, this is also a massive failure of the democratic party and insitution.

Supreme Court Packing

Packing the Supreme court is something that republicans and their media outlets such as fox have been banging the drums about since Obama. Packing the supreme court is basically a consitutional loop hole because there is technically no limmit to the amount of supreme court justices that can, apperently, be seated on the supreme court. So, in light of this, Republicans love to fear monger about the Democrats doing exactly this in order to scurt their anti-democratic measures. (A bit hypocritical isn't it? lol) I didn't even really know this was a thing until I heard shawn hanidty or tucker failson carlson bitching about it on Fox news and I looked it up and, personally, I think it is a great idea. The right loves to bitch about liberals and democrats and leftists working outside of the law, yet, when they do it they just say "well that's the way it goes." Well, it's not just the way it goes.

"Politics is war with outblood shed and war is politics with bloodshed" - Mao Tzedong

That's Mao and that is something that democrats not only don't get but liberals miss all together. Democrats are so concerned with hurting the feelings of their buddies, and, yes, republicans and democrats are all friends at the end of the day; that they, the dems, actually refuse to do anything punative or substanative in order to combat these things. They can do it, but, they know that it would just anger their fellow poltiicans, or, worse hurt their pocket books. The dems should, absolutely, pack the supreme court, but, they are such cowardly pussies they simply wont and they will make any excuse as to why they wont. Not only that but they control the senate and they still want to act like they can't do anything about this. I heard Nacy Pelosi complaining about the filibuster. Well, isn't that funny because, again, the democrats could have attempted to get rid of the filibuster and yet, nope, they can't get that done. I mean, how else are they going to play the blame game. All the while we slowly slide further and further back into the dark ages and into reactionism. It's the ratchet effect, truly. How long are the massses going to let these types of abuses persist? it's anyone's guess, really. The democrats will keep bitching about their own failings and then trying to gas light their own base into voting for them dispite the fact that they can achive literally NOTHING time and time again while our adversaries contiune to slide us closer and closer to their own fascist, religious, theocracy. And what is the left doing? Basically nothing at this point. You have retards like vaush blaming the base for not voting for Hillary (a fucking war criminal and whos husband is the reason the economy is the way it is) and you have Tankie larpers and Anarchist Larpers fighting over who is the most pure faction of the left. Who wins? the capitalist class and the religious fundementalists. Welcome to the New Dark Ages, truly.