Roe v Wade over Turned
Over Turning Roe V Wade

As usual I am a little late to the party, but, better late than never I suppose. Roe V Wade has officially been over turned in a 6 - 3 political desicion by a republican super majority in the Supreme court. What a truly depressing day for this country. We have taken a step back in time as a people. When I was growing up, under the leadership of the then Bush jr. I always had this errie feeling about the state of the world. "How can this been real?" "How can these people be real?" With the current state of the world and the political right and eveangelical christian majority my feelings as a child have been completely eclisped. I'm more in shock and awe than anything.

1. The Democrats have proven themselves to be utterly useless.

Biden is an absolute joke. That probably doesn't need to be said, but, I am truly baffled by how spineless Democrats truly are. Republicans on Fox News went on and on and on for years, fear mongering, about Democrats "Packing in the courts." When I first heard of this I wasn't really familiar with the term, but, as time went on I began to understanding it more. Basically, there is no pre-defined limmit to the number of Supereme Court Justices that can be on the Supreme Court at any given time. Now, most Normies see this as some type of moral issue. "Oh democrats can't do this because it isn't 'ethical" is what the typical reasoning is. "It's a loop hole that wouldn't be fair!" But this is so fucking dumb I really am at a loss for words. Have we forgotten the term "All is fair in love and war?" Because batshit insane republicans haven't. That's why they havegone around the democratic will of the people of this country (the majority of whome support roe v wade mind you) and appointed 3 republican Justices. Republicans don't give a shit. They know they cannot win by legitimate means so they rely on propoganda and lies and cheap tricks to gain power. That's exactly what happend here. Biden as a sitting president could have easily *easily* packed the supreme court, but, no, of course not, our spineless walking corpse of a president wouldn't want to upset his buddies on the otherside of the isle who might be upset if he did this, so, women now have to suffer a heavy price for it. Don't forget that packing the court was an option that Biden refused to entertain.

2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a bitch

This one is obviously going to be short and sweet. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a bitch and her rotting corpse is partially responsible for this. The woman should have obviously retiered unde Obamas second term because everyone knew trump was going to be elected not Hillary. But she stubornly refused. she was a Jutice for fucking over 30 years. How much time as a Justice do you need? These people don't care about us they literally only care about their power.

3. Vote Blue No matter who?

If I am being totally honest I am feeling a little bit of regret for not voting for Dems in 2016. As horrible and Cringe as Hillary Clinton is I am feeling a tenge of regret right now if I am being honest. Maybe some one can better explain to me why this shouldn't be the case, but, Currntly, yeah I feel regret for not voting for Shillary. I am positive that faggots on the left with their heads up their own ass stuck in the early 20th century will be upset to hear me say this, but, it's true, fuck you. The Amount of damage Trump was able to do with these Supreme Court Nominations is astounding and we have still yet to feel to full ramifications of it. In june, incase you are not aware the supreme court also made a landmark Desicion 6 - 3. it wasn't spread much in the media though so, like me, you probably didn't hear a lot about it, but, it's impacts are massive implications. On June 20th 2022 the Supreme Court Struck down Carson v Makin. If you are unaware Catson v Makin was a Supreme Court ruling that determined that Tax Payer Funding cannot go to funding christian charter schools. With this also being struck down now Our tax payer money can be used to pay for anti-scientific, dogmatic lies about the world and teach our future generations to be mindless conformists and not think for themselves. The bibile is mythology and has no place being taught in school what so ever. Let alone being funded by our fucking taxes. This is just once example outside of Roe V Wade of the damage that Trump was able to do with these 3 nominations. The future you can also expect for gay marrage to be over turned, which, ok, say what you want about marrage but for gay people it was seen as a big inclusion in society and the list goes on and on. Everything that we have taken for granted in the last 150 years is at danger of being over turned unilaterally by one body of the government with nearly limitless power.

So what is to be done? Well, frankly, I can't tell you anything you haven't already heard from me. the answer as always is to get organzed on the basis of our labor and demand a complete shut down of our society until our demands are met, but, clearly, the state of the world is not able to accept this reality. People are to caught up in their Soytendo and whatever consumer bullshit is being peddle to the cheap cattle of the current era. Until our labor movment is reborn like a pheonix I see no other choice really than to just keep voting for faggy dems to at least stave off shit like what trump was able to get away with. I know I will be crucified for this but I don't really care. I think the majority of people who call themselves communists today are really more interested in feeling radical and superior than other people cause they believe their IQ to be so much greater than anyone else's. Labor is dead in this country and until that changes what choice to we really have? Of course we should work to bring it back and that will take time; I don't get why people think voting and organizing are mutually exclusive too, lol. It's So dumb to believe that. Voting takes literally 1 hour every 4 years. It's just a meaningless excuse from a dead Leftist current that refuses to be pragmatic and is more concered with ideological puritanism. Of course this divide is perpetuated by think tanks.... And hell, I haven't even talked about the crash, so, who knows the world could just be coming to its end. With inflation at record highs and the fed inducing a recession to try and save the economy anything is really possible at this point. anyways that's about all I have to say on this. We are fucked until futher notice.