Russia, The United States, and Nuclear war. 04-26-22

Today at lunch I was shocked to discover on my pleroma feed that both the United States and The Russian Federation were rattling their sabers about the possibility of neuclear war. Russia even going as far as to say that "It is an outcome nobody wants, but, a possibility none the less." A disheartening and depressing statment to hear coming from the Russian Federation/former Soviet Union. My only question at this point is, how? How did it come to this? Are we are people so far gone? Has barbarism so far taken hold of us that we would be willing to kill millions, possibilty hundreds of millions, over what.....our history? Land? What exactly is the killing for?

As Eugune Debs said: "No worker has ever started or ended a war. That has always been up to the discretion of the ruling classes. The workers have always, however, had a part in fighting (and dying) in the capitalist classes wars of agression." That was almost 80 years ago today and it is still more true than it has ever been before. I must pre-empt this, and, i'm sure it will no doubt anger some readers, but, I support, at the end of the day, the Russian Federation in this afair. I do not find it applicable that a hostile military alliance controled by the United States should have the power to simply bully other countries and their people how they see fit and for any cause and, of course, the blame never once be placed on them.

When I heard of the news of talks with Ukraine from the Biden administration about encorperating Ukraine into NATO I knew that something like this was going to be happening. Sooner rather than later. For people who might be unaware, ukraine has, nominally, been considered part of the Russian Federation/Empire/Soviets for thousands of years. The country of ukraine itself is a reletively new concept, however, The territory that we understand as ukraine has existed as part of Russia for centuries. People in eastern ukraine speak Russian, they have Russian families, heritage, etc etc etc. After the Fall of the Russian Monarchy and the establishment of the Soviet Union Ukraine was joined into the Soviet Alliance as was much of the eastern bloc. Say what you will about the History of Ukraine and The soviet union, but, this is fact.

During the time of the Soviet Union. There was almost unanimous consent amongst the ruling capitalist class of the Untouched riches of Russia and the soviet union. They saw the USSR (and its collapse) as nothing more than a marketing scheme to make them more money. For decades the powers that be had their eyes on this country for opening up new investment oppertunities. In 1990 Gorbechev made an agreement with the united states that NATO would not expand "One inch to the east" Keep this in mind because as we are going to find out this war broken over and over and over again by the united states as was many treaties and agreements held by the United States. Now, fastforward to 1991. The soviet union collapses. The economy of the, now, Russian Federation is in shambles. Ukraine gains its independence, etc etc etc. As expected and hoped for by the ruling elites, namely, of the United States, Russia is pillaged and gutted for everything that it is worth. The culture of these people is bastardized. Drugs and Prostitution became (and still are) rampant in Russian society. The collapse of the Soviet union was single handledly one of the most catostrophic events in the entire world. Let alone the history of Russia.

People were poor and the little wealth they did have was being pillaged by rich US firms and capital invesment. (Also we had to put up with that god forsaken Yeltzen Pizza Comercial. I will never forgive the US capitalist empire for this) It get's better though. While all of this is happening inside on the outside things aren't exactly great either. The US slowly, over time, starts accumulating more and more of your once soviet allies into its hostile military alliance created to specifically fight your people and your ideologies and your ways of life. One by one countries have fallen to NATO that were once members of the Soviet Alliance. In the current day 14 ex soviet countries have now been encorperated into NATO. A hostile military alliance to Russia. All this after being promised by united states leaders in the 1990's that NATO would "not expand one inch to the east." Well, so much for that.

So, for the better part of the last 8 years Russia has basically been pleading with the US for a type of buffer Area between the two countries, namely, ukraine, being the main focus, considering its Russian history and heritage and the United States has simply let this fall on deff ears time and time again and this incompetence is how we have found ourselves in the situation we have found ourselves in today. Is this a defense of Russia and its action and killing thousands of working people in ukraine? No. My stance is the stance that is against all wars of agression. However, I can see, unfortinantly, given the history of these very complicated countries that I am prilveged enough to be writing about from the comfort of my own shelter; I can see why the Russian Federation would feel the need to protect its interested. Russia is vast in resources, namely, oil, and the united states would love to see Russia Bulkanized for this very reason.

All of this being said, for it to come down to nuclear war would be an absolute tragedy. I know the doomsday clock and the bulletion of atomic scientist are "all liberals man" or whatever it is my fellow leftists tend to be jabbering on about these days, but, we are now closer than we have ever been historically before. Last I checked we were at 100 seconds to midnight and if my search index is worth anything I read 75 today after reading the news about the saber rattling. OFC my phone was being shit, so, I can't totally confirm, but....this is still a most alarming development. There is no easy answer to this, and I might even be betraying my principles, but, I do not think that the power dynamics of any one country should be at all influential to such a degree over the lives of millions and millions of working people; Not ukrainians and not Russians and now not Citzens of the world at all. Nuclear war would be a disaster for the world costing millions of innocent people their lives who never actually had much of anything to do with this conflict at all. The outcome of such a result would set us back hundreds of years and millions and millions of lives.

Both the United States and Russia should be thinking critically of diplomatic ways to solve this issue and, espcially, the United States needs to STOP expanding into the eastern territories. Let the Russian Federation be before you all push us to the brink of nuclear annihilation. At the same time Russia should be willing to give up Ukraine if it absoltely has to for the, yes, greater good of not just the Russian people, but, millions of people all over the planet who have had nothing to do with these interpersonal clonflicts between world super powers. The sad reality is, at this point, the world is so far clowned, that I some how no longer truly have hope for any diplomatic solution being reached. I hope truly that the united states can pull its head out of its ass, but, some how I do not think that that will ever be the case.

I truly hope that we can come out of this with out it having to result in the deaths of millions of people at the hands of nuclear war as I believe this would mark a true and clear turning point to the path of barbarism for us all as people.